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Expressing the Beauty of Your Brand

Eden is not just a media company, nor are we just a modeling agency. Rather, we are a hybrid of both. This unique combination allows us to bring beautiful, influential people to your hotel, villa, yacht or luxury lifestyle business and capture the experience of your target market enjoying your creation. Then, we create a breathtaking work of art that truly captures the essence of your brand. Finally, we showcase your brand to our affluent network, who will be inspired to book with you.

More than Just Media

We created Eden because as connoisseurs of life ourselves, we fell in love with the beauty of luxury experiences. We started creating content out of passion, and started sharing that passion with friends via social media. As time went on, friends asked us for travel recommendations, and our content started to spread. Soon brands started reaching out asking us to create for them, and that's when we decided to start Eden. To us, we are not just creating content, but expressing the soul of your creation, so your audience will understand what it feels like to book with you.

How it Works...


First, we come to your location. This can be a villa, hotel, resort, yacht, party, restaurant or anything else that fits into the luxury lifestyle. Our content team uses the highest quality equipment to capture the natural experience of our models enjoying your creation. No more cringey stock photos. Just beautiful, natural content so your future guests can envision themselves there.


Once we have captured the experience, we will go into creative flow and create our magic. We will use inspiration from our experience with you to select specific clips, songs and editing styles to create the perfect content that represents the core of your brand. The content we create for you will feel premium, beautiful and aligned. Most importantly, it will create desire for future guests to book with you.


Finally, once we've created premium, beautiful content that perfectly encapsulates your brand, we will share that content with you for your website and socials. In addition to sharing the content with you, we will also post on our own social media platforms, tapping into our network of affluent buyers who are eager for new experiences like yours.

Past Work

Tulum (multiple veneus)

3 days of capturing beautiful beaches, unique hotels, exquisite restaurants and wellness experiences.

Turks and Caicos Villa

Capturing the experience of staying in a a unique, luxury villa right on the ocean.

Miami Yacht

Combining beautiful models with cinematic shots to capture the experience of a relaxing yacht day.

Palm Springs Hotel

Bringing the energy and awareness to the new Spirit of Sofia hotel in Palm Springs.

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